Bryan N. Review

Bryan Neuberg, M.A., C.P.C.C, Business Coach, Leadership Consultant

“Bekka, I always knew that you were a natural Personal Organizer. I got to witness, however, just how talented you really are when I worked with you last year. With your support, I won back my precious personal time, increased my productivity in business, and lightened my load — which I know results in being open to new possibilities and relationships.
I was getting stuck in a common cycle that is bad for my business and personal life. I was feeling bogged down.
As more and more stuff accumulated, I had less and less energy to dig myself out — especially since I run my own business and come home spent.
In a single day, you facilitated a serious purge and helped me put well-designed systems in place.
You have a strong hand and a soft touch. With your guidance, you helped me get rid of so much more than I would have ever done alone. In the process, you also taught me how to maintain a more streamlined life and business.
Thank you so much. As I put the finishing touches on opening my new office downtown, I am going to need your help again ridding my personal space from the influences of work!”

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