K & M Wedding

“Working with Bekka on our wedding planning and having her as our coordinator during the wedding weekend — was a Dream. Come. True. We don’t know what we would have done if not for her presence, and we cannot imagine another person who would have done the job like her. We were already family friends, but we were so grateful to become closer with Bekka in this process. We wanted to do a lot of the initial work and planning ourselves, and really appreciated Bekka’s “Goldilocks” just-right level of creative input. She always deferred to our taste, our choices, and creativity when we really knew what we liked. When that spark wasn’t there for us or we were unsure, we could call on her for support or brainstorming. We met with Bekka regularly to keep us on track; to be a third (more experienced) opinion as we made decisions; to make sure we were staying in good communication with each other and our vendors/other contacts for the wedding, and to be a reminder of what’s most important in this extremely meaningful commitment ceremony. We loved how Bekka pushed us to stretch our comfort zones a little and to ask for help from our community. We ended up having the most loving, warm, community-built workdays before the wedding at our venue, and a really pleasant clean-up day afterward. We found lots of creative ways to make the most of our budget while focusing on the aspects we cared most about and not compromising any quality. There are no set rules when planning Your special, sacred day — and Bekka will help you clarify Your rules/boundaries/visions and be the wind beneath your wings to manifest events and enjoy yourself at them! We are so, forever grateful and blessed to have worked together with Bekka.

Wishing her the best in all future endeavors & more clients who become her friends and even soul family!”