What is session with Bekka like?

We start with a phone call to see if you would be served by my support. If the connection/chemistry is there, we can schedule a free* half hour consult at your space. When I arrive, we will sit and check in about your life goals and desires, the ways you are fulfilled or stuck, and how your workplace or home is supporting or hindering you.

We will then do a quick walk-through, I will take some notes, and we can begin to co-create a unique plan for your space. We will discuss your timeline, budget, my rates, and begin to formulate a detail and big-picture plan for creating a place of calm, action, and abundance for you.
Should you decide to dive in and book a session at the consult, I can give you some simple tasks to start the process on your own to prepare, though this is not necessary.

In the session, we will continue the above process, and get clear about priorities while we work. We can integrate space clearing  or life coaching in the session, or we can focus on de-cluttering, filing, scrubbing, donating, selling, beautifying, and recharging YOU and your space.
All work is 100% confidential, as personal and financial information is often touched on in these sessions. For this reason, a confidentiality agreement is available upon request.


Rockstar Organizing has a large network of top notch, cost-effective service people including bookkeepers, accountants, handymen, computer support, childcare providers, personal/executive assistants (on-site or remote), and house management.


Assistants are available for $60 per hour (Bekka's rate is $125 per hour) for additional on-site help, and ongoing support that does not require Bekka’s expertise.

Green Practices:

When Rockstar Organizing buys or recommends products and services for clients, it is only after thorough research of the greenest and best-rated options. Every effort is made to donate and recycle all discarded items.

Free consultation:

Contact me for a free home or office visit (within 15 miles of Berkeley, CA).

Read what my clients have to say...


"Bekka’s work felt like the most caring gift I’d ever given to myself.”

- Brooke Deterline


"Bekka brings a refreshing cleanliness not only to your home but to your mind and soul."

- Cheryl Contee


"Working with Bekka is like giving your home a massage.”

- Peter Samuels

Rave Reviews

Bekka Fink has a passion for creating functioning spaces. She loves clearing physical and emotional clutter to make room for her clients to bloom and move forward into their true bliss. Read more...