Rockstar Organizer LLC provides...

Internal & External Clutter Support for Small Business, Elders, Multigenerational Families, and Individuals

Relocations * Organizing * Green Legacy Coaching * Space Clearing * Vintage + Consignment Interior Design


Clear, de-clutter, and organize your home, garage, attic, basement, and costly storage space.


Full service start to finish support for home & small business relocations, moves, & remodels. We specialize in working with seniors & multi-generational families.


Turn your home or office into a peaceful and productive sanctuary.


Support families and seniors in downsizing when living situations change.


Offer green interior design, shopping for vintage, locally sourced & refurbished/recycled items.


Provide gentle support and firm accountability to take action on unfinished projects.


Provide Coaching and Mediation for businesses, couples and families.


Provide guidance and management for estate planning, including what to save, donate, consign, and sell.


Transform piles of paper and unpaid bills into a streamlined filing system.


Assist with sustainable shopping, donations, eBay/Craigslist sales, shredding, e-waste, and disposal.


Envision and create healing, healthy and intentional food for your event.


Support and co-create ceremonies, activism, and events to inspire and transform community with a zero-waste goal. 

Our Mission Is To:

  • Empower you to transform your home/workspace into a peaceful, inspiring, and functional sanctuary.
  • Support you around internal and external clutter so you can focus on sharing more of your gifts and unique talents with your community and beyond.
  • Inspire healing and transformation in our families, communities, and our world.
  • Honor, protect and celebrate our natural resources and all life: two-legged, four-legged, winged and rooted.

"Bekka has that rare combination of intuitive, joyful, spiritual, creative, loving energy combined with strong leadership and real-world organizational skills that make her a rock star, heart-centered event planner."

Leslie and Toby

married October 1, 2016

"Bekka brings a refreshing cleanliness not only to your home but to your mind and soul."

Cheryl Contee

CEO, Fission Strategy

"Bekka was absolutely indispensable."

Philip Soffer

CEO, test IO

"At every step of the way, I felt held and taken care of logistically, physically, but also spiritually. She is simply the best, I would recommend her again and again.”

Kyra Davis

Director, LaunchPad Central

"Working with Bekka has literally changed my life.”

Kelsey Lowitz, MSOM, L.Ac

Integrative Health

"Bekka’s work felt like the most caring gift I’d ever given to myself.”

Brooke Deterline

Partner & CEO – Courageous Leadership

"Working with Bekka is like giving your home a massage.”

Peter Samuels

Peter Samuels Photography

"Bekka came into my apartment and rocked its world!”

Jillia Wharton

Founder, ​Wharton Leadership Consulting

"Bekka has an incredible ability to transform clutter and chaos into order and beauty - at warp speed.”

Christina Sanders

She Thrives Business & Leadership Coaching

"Bekka is so welcoming & warm, I instantly felt at ease in her presence & was able to work through my personal fears & insecurities.”

Daniela Papi

Social Entrepreneur and Educational Development Organization Founder

"Bekka’s masterful at walking in a cluttered space and, in a matter of minutes or hours, bringing a great degree of order and beauty.”

Lawrence Ellis

Founder & President, Paths to Change