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Lawrence Ellis, Founder & President, Paths to Change

“I’ve worked with dozens of Executive Assistants and Professional Organizers over more than 20 years, in a range of places from multi-billion dollar corporations to major foundations, from prominent non-profits to my own company. Bekka is, simply put, the best. Here’s why:
Clutter-buster extraordinaire:
Bekka’s masterful at walking into a cluttered space, and in a matter of minutes or hours bringing a great degree of order, and also beauty. She’s done this well for my office space – and also for closets, utility rooms and other clutter-zones in my home.
Project manager:
On major projects, Bekka and I whip out the flip-chart or writing pad, and co facilitate our way through a game-plan for managing the project. She’s rigorous at helping me to identify what I need to take on, and what I can pass off fully or partially to her or others. Then she takes her pieces and does them meticulously, while also checking in periodically on my progress – and offering support in places where I might be struggling. Prime example: I started a new nonprofit in the beginning of 2008. We had a huge inaugural series of events at a major international conference in a distant city. I got in over my head in planning a few events. Bekka took on key facets of overall logistics coordination – from dealing with conference center facilities and catering issues; to coordinating the production of substantial presentation packets; to using her networks to find – and then prep for action – a phenomenal on-the-ground logistics coordinator for me at the conference itself, to help me coordinate the activities of 20 panelists and a film crew over four days. If Bekka hadn’t sat me down, compelled me to see that I was in over my head, co-facilitated a game-plan of action with me, then handled major portions of that game-plan with excellence – without all of that, I would have been sunk, and our major inaugural project would have suffered tremendously. As it turned out, it was a huge success – in large part because of Bekka’s efforts.
Bekka uses her networks to find pathways to goods and services that support me and my work in ways that are very cost-effective…
Bekka works with a team of very skilled assistants to save me money. In keeping me organized, there’s a range of high-level, strategic tasks that she’s uniquely suited to handle. Then there are several other tasks that are important, but don’t require her level of expertise (or her market rate) – from doing basic errands to in-office maintenance of filing and other systems to certain special projects. So she farms those out to assistants, while keeping on top of the overall coordination. This ends up being very efficient – and very cost-effective
Working style:
I love working with Bekka. She brings energy, focus, clarity, panache, and so much more. It’s especially important to me that she comes from a place of her own power. Part of the reason I generate clutter and disorganization is because I’ve got some entrenched, unconscious habits that don’t serve me well – and I can resist unlearning them. It takes someone who can be gentle where appropriate, but also firm where appropriate, to help me transform those habits. She knows where to challenge and push me, and sometimes in very demanding ways. She also knows when to back off. Her capacity to play this range is in part a function of roles (I’m not her boss, I’m her client), and in part a function of personality types. If you’re seeking a “yes person” who’s going to leave you stuck in your self-sabotage patterns, she’s not the person for you. If you really want to make some breakthrough strides, call her.
Bekka’s rates are towards the top-end of the market – and deservedly so, because she’s top tier. The return – in terms of order, organization, getting things right the first time, efficiency, success, peace of mind – is well worth the investment.

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