Heide Cannon, Executive Personal Assistant

“I hired Bekka to help with a very large file organizing project for my clients. This was a very complex project that required a lot of attention to detail, and Bekka was thorough and fast working through-out. In the process of moving the files to their new home in another room we were left with an old room that was full of years of accumulated clutter. Bekka took one look at the space, saw what could be done, and went to work. At the end of the day the entire room had been sorted through and organized, an enormous job. What used to look like storage, was transformed into a beautiful guest room with photos and keep sakes displayed to their best effect. This was above and beyond what I had hoped for, and she did a marvelous job. Bekka brings an astounding amount of energy to her work. She works fast, digging into chaos hungrily where most people would feel discouraged and overwhelmed. Beyond being an excellent organizer, she has a talent for creating a space in such a way that it feels good to her clients, a space they will love and will *want* to spend a lot of time in. What a gift!
Bekka really did an amazing job. She was fun and easy to work with, and did an impressive amount of work. My clients use that room all the time, and it’s hard to remember it was ever any other way.”

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