Jill Wharton, Vice President, Financial Services

“Bekka came into my apartment and rocked its world!   Literally, we decided to attack my bedroom closet and within 4 hours, we pulled every single thing out. Bekka lovingly yet forcefully made me think through each item before it deserved a place back in my closet.  (Otherwise, found it’s way to Goodwill or consignment.)   Material possessions can be often hard to part with. Bekka is intuitive and can tell when she’s taking you in a direction that causes angst.  She can sense the emotional attachment and has a powerful, sensitive way in helping her clients work through decisions that are in the best interest of the client (it may be to keep it, or move it, or in other cases, to part with it).   The results are obvious and efficiently achieved.   I highly recommend Bekka for any organizing job you have. Her energy and work is fabulous!  Just be prepared to be left with an incredibly organized space.”

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