Annie Miu Hayward,  Computer Software Executive Consultant

“Bekka has been a true gift from the universe for me.  I was in the process of cleaning out my loft to sell, and needed a thorough purging of all the stuff in my place.
I had no idea how to start.  From the moment Bekka walked into my loft, she immediately began transforming the place – spiritually & spatially.
what I liked most about working with Bekka may be summed up as follows:

  • She took a real keen interest in learning about me (her client) & my goals before organizing my space.  It was not a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach, and I knew I could trust her to respect my space & stuff.
  • She frequently checked in with me on status/progress to ensure we were on track, and that my needs hadn’t changed.  It is a true collaborative approach.
  • She gave me digestible assignments that even a clutter queen (like me) could complete, like, “can you get rid of 5 books this week?” vs “let’s go thru the library & remove what you think you no longer need.”
  • She handled everything with care.  She is consultative, not forceful.
  • She was very flexible in her scheduling with me to meet my timeline.

I have learned much from working with Bekka about purging stuff out of my life.  Recently, I looked at a t-shirt & remembered Bekka’s process, and it became easy to throw it out.
My loft today is showcase-ready, and I owe it mostly to Bekka.  I will recommend anyone to meet Bekka to see if she’s the right organizer for you.”

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