Jeanine M. Becker, J.D., Senior Counsel at Motorola Mobility, Inc.

“Bekka worked magic. I had been in my condo just a few years but had boxes of papers and memories, file cabinets, and clothing that hadn’t been sorted for at least a few moves. Yes I went through my home and got rid of tons and tons of unneeded things (and she carted it all off so I didn’t even need to make the Goodwill trip.) But more than that – I was able to get through the process without feeling overwhelmed, without getting bogged down in the memories or in the clothing – just efficiently and effectively letting go of what was no longer needed.
And that was the magic – with Bekka – it wasn’t just about the stuff (though she was a master at handling that) it was Bekka’s intention, inspiration and compassion that made clearing out my home such a release – and a deeper letting go of unneeded things. Was my home cleaner and way less cluttered – absolutely! But the magic was in the way it also felt lighter and happier to walk into when she was finished (and still does over a year later). Thank you for your magic, Bekka!”

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