Annie Leschin

“I began the organizing process with Bekka a little skeptical of how someone could possibly help me organize things that I felt were personal…The first day we made it through seemingly the vast majority of the room…I was amazed – all of that putting it off…was all just code for “I don’t want to do it!” All along, I could have just taken one day and done it. And with Bekka, it was a whole lot less than a full day…
Well, that one day, led to another, and suddenly, we had done virtually the entire apartment. Suddenly, I could see my large desk, all of the counter space in the kitchen, and yet, we still managed to fit everything, and even have…hold your breath…an EMPTY drawer for mail or whatever I see fit to put in it!
The greatest gift of all…was the lightness I felt after that first day – just the sheer ‘space’ I could feel as I went to sleep that night was amazing. It really is true that your world is lightened.
A few weeks later I had a holiday party, and got more compliments on my entire place…It was a great feeling.
As I said to my mom, there’s nothing left on my ‘To Do List’ any more. I’ve done all the sorting, editing, tossing, and now things don’t build up as much because I have a system, and I like the way the openness feels. In fact, I liked it so much that I gave my brother a gift certificate of Bekka’s time for his apartment, and have since referred her to a few other friends in need of some clearing out of the air!”

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