More Services

Additional Services:

  • Removal and green recycling of electronic waste, toxic materials, and shredding.
  • Tax deductible donations dropped off at shelters, schools, goodwill, and other charities.
  • Emptying of costly storage space.
  • Pick-up and drop off of clothing and furniture for consignment.
  • Start to finish sales on Craigslist and eBay.


Rockstar Organizing has a large network of top notch, cost-effective service people including bookkeepers, accountants, handymen, computer support, childcare providers, personal/executive assistants (on-site or remote), and house management.


Assistants are available for $25-$50 per hour for additional on-site help, and ongoing support that does not require Bekka’s expertise. Some of the above other services are offered at Assistant rates.

Green Practices:

When Rockstar Organizing buys or recommends products and services for clients, it is only after thorough research of the greenest and best-rated options. Every effort is made to donate and recycle all discarded items. Drop-offs are free of charge when you book a session of 3 hours or more, though disposal costs will apply.

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